Try making this Wasp and Hornet Trap. It works great!

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1. Obtain a plastic bottle and draw the
outline of the PVC pipe about 2" from the bottom. Cut out the opening.
2.Insert the pipe into the opening and mark the opposite side. Cut out the opening.
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3. The trap should now look like this with the PVC pipe fitting snuggly. Don't glue the pipes to facilitate cleaning. Trim the PVC pipe to fit flush. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 placing the
second PVC pipe at a right angle to
the bottom pipe.
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5. Using a jig saw, remove the blackened area to make an "insert" for the bait. 6. After cutting out the "inserts",
smooth the edges with a file and
replace into the bottle.
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7. Align the pipes with the bait inserts on top. 8. Drill a hole through the top, attach a wire or string and you're done!
Setting the trap: You may use regular
Coke, sugar water or apple cider for
the fluid to attract the hornets. Put
about 2" of the fluid into the bottle.
Next, using tweezers, place a
small piece of raw meat like fish
or beef into the slot of the PVC
pipe. Hang it up and wait for the
hornets to come. Guaranteed to
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Here's the trap only a few
hours after hanging outside.
To clean the trap shake the
bottle to allow the live yellow
jackets to fall into the coke.
Allow them to play in the
Coke until they don't move
anymore. When you empty
the bottle still be carefull as
they might be alive enough to